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To order replacement parts for your product, please fill in the information in the form.

Model numbers are located on the instruction sheet or the outside of the carton.

Part numbers are found on the instruction sheet.


Reason Codes are as follows:

  1. Broken Glass/Mirror
  2. Dowel Broken
  3. Edges Chipped
  4. Fabric Torn
  5. Finished Blem
  6. Glue Packet Open
  7. Hardware Damage
  8. Missing Hardware Bag
  9. Metal Part Damaged
  10. Plastic Broken
  11. Slate Cracked/Damaged
  12. Wicker Broken
  13. Wood Cor Blocks Damage
  14. Wood Cor Damage
  15. Wood Part Cracked
  16. Metal Part Made Incorrectly
  17. Missing Drilled
  18. Part Wrong Size
  19. Wrong Part Packet
  20. Missing Hardware Parts
  21. Carton Sealed Missing Parts
  22. Carton Taped Missing Parts
  23. Complete Hardware Bag
  24. Missing Instruction Sheet
  25. Metal Part Damaged

4D Concepts Replacement Parts

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